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My & Judy's song, "MIGHT AS WELL HAVE A GOOD TIME" played on Dick Clarks DANCE NATION. Read More...

Lummis Park Benefit Concert in Highland Park w/Jackson Browne 6/1. Read More...




Craig is currently in the studio recording
a new solo album.

Album Review

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Back in 1973, the killer songwriting team of Craig Doerge (rhymes with 'Fergie') and Judy Henske assembled ten great songs for a showcase LP. Doerge's fine baritone vocals and authoritative keyboard work, backed by perennial pros Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar and other sweet sides, rounded out the tunes to perfection, and the highly-anticipated album was at last complete. Unfortunately for the Seventies, its debut coincided with a palace revolution or some such turmoil at Sony/Columbia Records, and the project more or less fell back into the vaults to languish in obscurity, available only in Japan for the next thirty years. Now, however, it's finally available to the rest of us, and, like Sleeping Beauty, the CD miraculously arises from its long suspension as fresh and timely as though it had been recorded yesterday. From the haunting "Reno" and wry "Fair Weather Friends" to the utterly jammin' "Raggedy Ann" (which manages to saunter and rollick at the same time), every slice of this pie is as fresh and tasty as the one before. Uh-oh, do I sound biased? Okay, I'll confess, this reviewer REALLY LIKES the CD, and if there were only one available, frankly I'd keep it for myself, but since it's on the market now, I'll share the good news

-Steve Hoffmann

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