How cool! I am playing a concert with Jackson Browne and his "big band" at the Lummis Park Benefit in Highland Park on June 1. This large band includes Bob Glaub (bass) and Fritz Lewak (drums) and will have two lead guitar players, plus backup/solo singers from the great Fred Martin Levite Camp. In addition, Jackson will invite up some of his friends who specialize in Latin acoustic instruments. The set-list for this show will be forthcoming, as well as what other artists are scheduled to play. I know one of the acts appearing will be CULTURE CLASH, the hilarious and trenchant comedy troup.

The benefit is to help the local area of Highland Park and the Lummis Park legacy (initially for library funding). The park is close to Jackson's grandfathers house, an official historic site in Los Angeles, that is still lived in by Jackson's brother, Severin Browne; a great guy and wonderful artist himself, and whose albums I have been privileged to be a player on for many years.

We just got word from the TV SHOW: DANCE NATION, which is part of American Idol and other Dick Clark production shows, that the TV producers want to use our song, MIGHT AS WELL HAVE A GOOD TIME on their TV show...and that it will air for the first time on June 25th. This has caused some running around, shouting "HOORAY! We're are very happy that the song will get a wider audience. Will send in updated details to webmaster B soon as can...

Got called last week to play on a recording session on July 11 with my friend, Lee Sklar and others. Our session is being done to make a record that will celebrate the Los Angeles Dodgers 50th anniversary in L.A. Great players and some famous singers that we cannot know of until they arrive at the recording studio three hours after we do their track. (Musicians are the last to know

"...Here's Ray-Ray our new pet.
He's a cat..."

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